President’s Message

May 6th, 2024

This year the Lights are 165 years old being commissioned on November 1st 1859!

We are proud of the work done thus far but we need to press on and restore the front light. The foundation work is the focus right now for fundraising. THIS NEED TO BE DONE ASAP! A budget of $500,000 is estimated to start this project. We need donations, memberships and a lot of sales to accomplish this. We are seeking grants but a sizable grant is difficult to be awarded.

How can you help? Donate. Enroll in a membership. Purchase merchandise. Encourage family and friend who love and enjoy lighthouses to do the same. Know someone who is a successful business owner that needs a tax write off? Send them our way. We are a registered 501c3 organization. Every single dollar goes towards the Lights. We are an all volunteer group and we are dedicated to completing Chuck’s dream! We can get this done!!! Together we can Save Our Heritage!

Spring is upon us and we are working towards our goal of completing the fence that was ripped down by the higher waters and fierce waves from a couple of years ago. Dave and Dean have secured and supported all the fence posts that will support the new fence sections. we hope to have this completed by the end of the year, dependent of course how bad the Common Terns are this year.

Be sure to join us at our events throughout the next several months and keep an eye on event updates here:

We will also have our Annual Golf outing! Single player ticket or teams can be purchased on the website in the events section.

God Bless!!!

Gary E. Strobel, President
Save Our South Channel Lights