President’s Message

December 23rd, 2021

Wishing everyone the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year!

The memberships are all out! Hopefully the Covid won’t delay any events and push things back in 2022. It was horrible trying to keep up with everything while the events go on to get the memberships out! We are pushing to have a normal event in April for 2022, newsletters out on time and attend all scheduled events!

We are also hopefully to work on the lights as a contractor has been secured to fix the shed and outhouse.

We spoke with the Detroit Zoo, who has been allowed to develop the front light for the endangered Common Terns, we expressed the need to find another nesting area other than the Lights. We have NOT been able to work, hold events or even do everyday chores on the lights for the past four year because of the aggressive birds.

Be sure to join us at our events throughout the next several months and keep an eye on event updates here:

We will also have our Annual Golf outing! Single player ticket or teams can be purchased on the website in the events section.

God Bless!!!

Gary E. Strobel, President
Save Our South Channel Lights