Support and Save Our South Channel Lights

The SOSCL, Save Our South Channel Lights organization, was created to raise public awareness and support for the preservation and restoration of the historic South Channel Lights. This effort will take many more years to accomplish. Your help and support is needed. Membership benefits will include a Range Lights newsletter, membership card and decal. You may now purchase your South Channel Lights Membership by using our PayPal button below.

Annual/Life Memberships

  • $25 Family/Individual (Annual)
  • $50 Keepers (Annual)
  • $75 Sustaining (Annual)
  • $100 Patron (Annual)
  • $250 Business (Annual)
  • $1000 Life (One time)



For more information about the Save Our South Channel Lights Association, call us at 586-698-8958 or email us at

Click here to view or print theĀ  SOSCL Membership Form

Support SOSCL, your donation in any amount is most appreciated